Challenge – Days 4 thru 6

Sorry for the delayed update – I was out of town working and vacationing and so didn’t get to my computer much.

So let’s get you caught up:

Day 4 – Do something creative:  For this, I kept it simple and did a spread in my bullet journal.

bujo 0618

Day 5 – Work out to a Fitness Marshall video on YouTube:  I LOVE this guy. He’s fun, the moves are outrageous and at no time do I feel like I’m exercising. I highly recommend following his channel. Meanwhile, here’s the video I shook my fitness groove to.

Day 6 – Do a news detox: This is easy for me as I haven’t watched or read the “news” in I don’t know how many years.  Today though, I made sure to redirect any news related conversations and ta-daa…task for the day, complete.

That’s it for now. I’m back in my Lair and will resume my regularly scheduled attempts to establish something resembling a routine, lol. There is still work to do to get the business(es) launch ready, as well as hanging with family while they’re in town. And yeah, it’s my Birthday Month so there will be plenty of days where I choose FUN.

Anyone else out there working the BDay month challenge? Be sure to share in the comments.

As always, sending love and light,


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