ACK! 2018 already?!

Bill the Cat, Bloom County  copied from here.

So much for 2017’s goals, eh? But that was then, this is now.

Hiddy ho good neighbors. Welcome to the blogging home of me, indie / self-published author Dana Ellington.

I did a horrible job hitting my goals last year. Simply horrible. I was more focused on getting my third revenue stream set up to flow this year. Consequently, I let my works in progress and my NaNo drafts languish in the nether.



Well, it’s a new year and I’ve set some lofty (doable) goals for this year:

  1. Release three new titles
  2. Finish all three NaNo’s (50K drafts each)
  3. Sell a total of 452 books a month

That last goal…yikes eh? The thing with that one is, I have no control over whether or not readers buy my books. I do however, have complete control over the quality of book I release and the many ways I can entice readers to buy my work. So while the goal is to sell 452 books a month, the quality of book I produce and the seduction of new readers will be my focus. I’ll let the sales fall where they may (though I’m really wanting that 452, lol).

Yeah, so to that end, I’ve got to get to writing. Do stay tuned for updates, excerpts, and such. I’ll be soliciting for beta readers here, as well as reading my fellow blogger / writers for ways to level-up my finished product.

Sending you wishes for a most word-filled 2018.


Available Titles:

Paperback  or Kindle

Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1 – (collection) Erotic short stories for the discerning adult ;-).

Let There Be Life – (novella) A humorous look at starting a “new life” after divorce.

Hello Diva – (novel) “Oh what a tangled wig we weave, when at first we practice to deceive” ; in other words, an uplifting tale about overcoming the misconception of where beauty and confidence lie.

Breaking Point – (novel) An exciting mix of drama and romance, break downs and recoveries, all on the way to finding inner peace.

Aphrodite’s Twin – (collection) Tales of love and other myths ;-).

(PS, I SUCK at writing book blurbs. If, after reading one or more of my books you want to offer up a suitable synopsis, let me know in the comments. Thanks! 🙂 )



3 thoughts on “ACK! 2018 already?!

  1. Any particular reason for 452?

    Also, good luck with the goals. I have a lofty set of things to do (my “18 for ’18” list) and goals for the year (more like resolutions). So far, I’m at least doing OK – like you, I want to put out three new books on the goal front, and that’s a tall order, as you well know. But I’m doing daily writing, which works for me. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get through them if I keep at the daily work on them.

    1. I broke the total amount of revenue I wanted from the business this year into monthly totals and to reach that total, I’d need to sell 452 books :-). I’ve been writing a bit here and there, but truthfully, I need to double down on the focus / actual writing. I’m trying to work all three revenue streams, plus the day job, PLUS my health goals and quite frankly, I’m not allowing for enough time to WRITE. sigh

      1. Thanks for the explanation.

        As for the writing, I know the feeling. So much gets in the way of it. I put myself on a strict weekday schedule in November for NaNo, and I’m trying to stick with it (though I reduced the number of words to 1,000, which seems far more manageable on a long-term basis for me). I didn’t do a great job during the holidays, but I did better this last week once I was back at work getting my words in.

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