Happy Cyborg Monday! — KURT★BRINDLEY

Hey, wow! To celebrate Cyborg Monday*, you can download all my ebooks from Amazon for free for the day! If interested, you can read a sample and download them from here. And as always, thank you for shopping at Amazon where your feedback in the form of reviews are always welcomed (and desired). #prayforthesingularity **** […]

via Happy Cyborg Monday! — KURT★BRINDLEY

5 thoughts on “Happy Cyborg Monday! — KURT★BRINDLEY

    1. He’s a good writer too so while I feel a bit cheesy only getting them when they’re free, I do at least want to make sure folks know about his work. I utilize free or deep discounts on new to me indie authors as a way of testing the waters. I’ve found some authors I really like and have since purchased books from them at regular price.

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