Let the Madness Over Take Us All

NaNoWriMo 2017

Title: The First Immortal

Blurb:  Born in the 1800s, now living undercover in the present day Colorado Rockies, Olivia has managed to escape notice with the help of generations of (tribe) Indians. But Agent Craig Hawkins of a little known, barely funded department of the FBI has turned his sights on investigating the legend of The First Immortal.

Will his desire to make a name for himself lead to Olivia’s capture, or will she be able to once again fade into history as legend?

…yeah, I’m riding the NaNo train to Draftsville this year with a BRAND NEW story idea.

I’ve lead a rebellious life with NaNo lo these past four attempts (I’m including camps in here) and have only one finished, published novel to show for it. That means there are four others languishing on my hard drive. I had planned on digging one out and using November NaNo 2017 to finish it once and for all but nope.  Olivia came roaring into my life with THREE full plots in tow. sigh

The First Immortal will mark the second three book idea that has come to me. The first came but was chock full of plot holes big enough to drive the entire LOTR trilogy through. The First Immortal though slid into my consciousness with three complete plots, multiple scenes for each book, and a freaking outline (also a first for me).  I. Am. GEEKED!

The way my day is structured, I won’t be sitting down to write until this evening. I’m not going to think word count goals, I’m just going to start typing what she tells me to type. ‘She’ being Olivia, my protagonist. I think she’s just as goofy about getting her story told as I am to be telling it. Parts of it have already brought me to tears – stories of slavery and abuse always do. But there’s a spiritual side to her I’m eager to explore.

To all my fellow NaNoWriMo-ans(?)…NaNoWriMo-ites(?)…to all my fellow NaNo participants ( 😉 ) – here’s to besting our word counts and not falling down any plot-bunny holes.

Sending Love & Light, and infinite inspiration,


PS. Find me in the NaNo-verse at (sigh, I will be glad to drop this reminder of pen names gone by) Satin_Sheet_Diva.


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