Long Weekend – goodnight.

Yeah, so…sigh.  Let the madness and mayhem begin as I once again, move households. The gypsy lifestyle wasn’t much of a bother when it was just me and the goober (aka, my daughter).  We didn’t have much in terms of household goods and what we did have was fairly small and easy to tote (How do I love thee, Ikea? Let me count the ways…lol).  But that’s changed some what since tying the knot. The goober moved out (she is, after all, 24 years old now – it was time, lol) and the hubs moved in.  With all of his heirloom furniture. You know the stuff – three full sized, heirloom dressers complete with stylishly designed mirrors; an armoire (whatever that thing is for), a china cabinet stock full of his grandmother and mother’s china, some beautiful antique collectible tea sets, and silver.  There are two wing back chairs, two recliners, three heirloom dinning chairs, a fireplace gate and tool set, two huge bookcases, a secretary with matching file cabinet, the heirloom queen size bed frame, several end tables, and a coffee table. The furniture pieces are all WOOD and some of the heaviest pieces of anything I’ve ever encountered.

He has a thing for REAL furniture and has said some horrible things about Ikea. sigh.

So what used to take me a day and some change to move, has now morphed into I don’t know how many trips we’re going to have to make to get this stuff situated between the storage unit (we’re moving into an apartment from a 3 bedroom house) and the new digs. I’ve recruited the goober and her boy-dude to help as there isn’t enough cash in the coffers to pay for movers (not even the $250 dollar dudes).

I will no doubt need much Alieve when it’s all said and done.

In between popping pills for the muscle pain, I’ll be anxiously wondering how book sales are going at the AJC Decatur Book Festival. You may remember from this post that I have two books for sale at the Festival this year in the Emerging Writer’s tent. I’m nervous. Despite my books being available via Amazon, this will be the largest group of potential readers I’ve ever exposed my writing to. Already my inner critic is screaming that no one will buy it and those that do will be queuing up first thing Tuesday to either demand a refund, or will leave horrible reviews anywhere they can post.  I have a ton of confidence in my writing when there’s hardly anyone reading it, lol..


My inner critic can’t dull the excitement though at having Aphrodite’s Twin (finally) in print. The ebook just doesn’t seem real to me so I find it hard to get as excited about those. But now the paperbacks?  No matter how many times I’ve done this (and AT makes it 5 times since 2008), opening the box of books from the printer just makes me giggle like a kid at Christmas.

Here’s hoping I’m still giggling after the last little item is moved into the new place. It’s going to be a LONG weekend.

To my ATL based peeps – let me know if you make it to the Book Festival, ‘kay?  And DEFINTELY, (please) post pics of you point to my books on the table or holding my books whilst in the Emerging Writer’s tent :-).  That would so totally rock, even if you don’t buy a copy.  Thanks!

Sending love and light,


5 thoughts on “Long Weekend – goodnight.

  1. Moving is among the hardest and largest feats any human can undertake. Do not blather at me about Everest or crossing Antarctica. Mere piffles. Moving without movers constitutes a feat of gargantuan proportions and I will not be deterred from this view. My thoughts and prayer are with you. (well, I’m an non-believer, so I guess it’s just thoughts – but definitely nothing in the practical muscle side, which is what you chiefly need, I know. )
    May the universe swing into gear and help you.

    1. I won’t have festival sales totals until this evening. Fingers crossed that at least a couple of books from each title went out the door. I’m hoping now that the move is almost finished (sigh…I hate being ‘broke’), I’m looking to ramp up my marketing mojo. Seriously, what’s the use in writing them if I’m not going to actively sell them?

      1. The marketing part is so hard for me. After all, I consider myself a writer, not a marketer – I mean, I know I have to do the latter, but it’s so hard to encourage people to purchase books, or to know how best to do so.

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