Getting Ready for Her Debut

The print copy of Aphrodite’s Twin is almost ready.

AT Proof

This is part of my editing process – you see, no matter how many eyes pass over it before it gets uploaded to the book maker’s site, there will be errors that no one flagged. Either the conversion from Word doc to PDF threw off the pagination, or subtle grammar and word errors are suddenly not so subtle. They stand out in sharp relief once the manuscript shows up in it’s book form.  The paperclips mark where the errors are.  Check out what Breaking Point’s proof looked like…


Quick aside on my editing process. I have to see the manuscript in print in order to catch certain things. Reading it on the computer screen does something to my brain; numbs it out to an extent I think. Once the ink has been committed to paper, I seem to focus more; see things more clearly.  I will catch things in the draft, then later in the proof that went unnoticed through out the initial writing and editing stages.

Now, back to the promoting…Aphrodite’s Twin and her older sibling, Breaking Point will be available in the Emerging Writer’s Tent at the AJC Decatur Book Festival happening in Decatur, GA over Labor Day weekend. I won’t be there because:

  1. I didn’t sign up for a time slot to do a presentation and the coordinators have asked that we (the writers) don’t hover around the tent, lol.
  2. I’m moving that weekend and will be muscles deep in hauling crap from one address to the next.

But that shouldn’t stop those of you in the ATL metro area from swinging on down and getting your copies of Aphrodite’s Twin and Breaking Point.

Now, for those of you NOT in the area who would still like to read either book, you can click the book title there in the side bar and purchase the paperback, or click HERE for your e-version.

I want to thank you in advance of any purchases, reads, comments / feedback – I have been blessed to have your support on the blog and look forward to having you read more of what I have to offer.

As always, sending love and light


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