Never Stop Perfecting Your Craft

Courtesy of the crew at NaNoWriMo:


November is drawing nigh, and we want to help you get ready to do some awesome ink-slinging. We’ve partnered with Wesleyan University to provide a special online “NaNo Prep” course specifically for you!

The course kicks off on August 21 with classes designed to help you develop your novel, a special NaNo capstone course focused on putting everything together to equip you to hit 50K, and then a final session to hone in on revision and peer review in December. You’ll learn alongside your fellow Wrimos, discuss all things noveling, and get feedback through Coursera’s online learning platform.

Each course is available through Coursera for $29—a special 50% discount for NaNoWriMo writers—and you can access all of the course materials for six months. If cost is an issue for you, financial aid is available through Coursera. Also, you can audit the courses for free, which will give you access to the lecture content, but not the peer review elements of the course


Find out how to enroll in this online “NaNo Prep” course!


During the course, you’ll spend around two weeks on each of the following:
1.The Craft of Style
2.The Craft of Setting and Description
3.The Craft of Character
4.The Craft of Plot
5.The NaNoWriMo Capstone (a special project that ties everything together!)

Each segment is taught by a different Wesleyan professor/author and consists of video lectures, readings, discussion forums, and short writing assignments that you can submit for peer review.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wesleyan, it has a rich creative writing legacy that includes such alumni authors as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Joss Whedon, Mary Roach, Daniel Handler (a NaNo pep talker), Alexander Chee (another NaNo pep talker), and Amy Bloom (one of the course instructors!).

No matter if you take this course or not, I hope you’ll check out our NaNo Prep resources and get ready to write with abandon this November!

Write on!

Grant Faulkner
Executive Director

I hurried up and registered because I know there’s still so much more for me to learn about writing. I mean sure, I’ve written and published four books so far and have six in various stages of draft, BUT…

I have recently begun to doubt my ability to tell a good, compelling story. I’ve sold plenty of books but have not garnered the word of mouth sales I had hoped for and that feeds the fear that I’m just not writing “GREAT” stuff.

This course, taught by professors (and renown writer Amy Bloom!) at Wesleyan University is right up my alley so to speak.

Here’s to continuing education and perfecting my craft.

If you’re also taking the courses, let me know. We can compare notes ;-).

Sending Love & Light…and book sales,


6 thoughts on “Never Stop Perfecting Your Craft

      1. I’m still thinking about it – I signed up for more info. I think it would be good, if for no other reason than I can always use more motivation to keep writing (because even though I’m in a stretch where it’s coming easy, I know those stretches don’t last forever).

      2. I’ve gotten to the assignment on the first course, week one and discovered I can go no further until I pay, lol. Already though, in just this first lesson, I’ve gained some insight and feel a spark of motivation to get back to writing. I’d produced four books in a relatively short period of time, then went blank for the past three (or is it four? 0_0) years. I’m hoping this is the confidence builder I need to get back to producing my work with some regularity.

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