26 Days and Counting

I’m going to have two titles for sale at the AJC Decatur Book Festival this year!! I’ve signed up to be included in the Emerging Authors tent (scroll down, I’m in the ‘E’s).  I didn’t get a speaking time this year as it’s my first year and I want to get a feel for how receptive the patrons are at the festival to new, independently published authors.

As it stands, the focus tends to be on traditionally published and or award winning,  authors whose work is classified as being ‘literary’ versus mainstream, contemporary.  If the overall traffic to the Emerging Authors tent and my specific book sales look promising, then next year, I’ll opt for a time to speak and maybe sign copies of my books. I’ll have the Demon trilogy finished by then and so will have something different to offer.

So excited :-)…

The Festival runs over Labor Day weekend. Click HERE for the details. If you decide to go, let me know. I hope to be hovering around the area on Saturday, lol.

Oh, and yeah, don’t forget, Aphrodite’s Twin is now available!

Final Book Cover for Print 07 16 17

Get your Kindle version today or, pre-order your print copy here.

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