Return to Hell

Or as most might put it, I’m back on Facebook. Sigh.  Damn those marketing and promotion experts who stress the need for a social media presence, lol.

For real, I’ve got two business pages and my author’s page on Facebook. I’ll be using those for promotions, advertising events, and just general expansion of my reach as far as the businesses are concerned.

I’m hiring out the management of the pages so while it will be my message, it won’t necessarily be me personally spending much time with the Devil. I will respond to direct  messages as they come up, but the majority of the general posting will be done by content managers.

The best places to connect with me and my team will be through the websites. Have I shared those with you yet (lol)?

and of course, right here on

Just eight more days until the grand (re) opening :-). I’m so excited…


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