June 29

50 Years.  Half a century.  When you say it like that, it seems more significant, when in reality, it’s just the amount of human-designed time that has passed since the day of my birth.

Long winded way to not so subtly share that today is my 50th birthday. Yay!


I had hoped to have some wild, grand party complete with friends and frenemies (I wanted to show off a bit), and lots of dancing. Instead, and thanks to the power of  scheduling when posts will post, as you read this, I am on the road between Denver, Colorado and Nowata, Oklahoma; I’m driving an elder family member to a family reunion of cousins on my maternal grandmother’s side.

That “Nowata” should look a bit familiar by now. Its the inspiration behind the name of my company. And since I have no way of predicting the words I’ll be thinking “today” (as I write this post four days in advance), I thought instead, I’d share what I’ve been working on these past few months.


Nowata Press Publishing and Consulting LLC Family of Logos

Nowata Press – From Blank Page to Published in Six Months or Less, Guaranteed!

This is where you go to take that book idea you’ve had for awhile now, and get the help you need turning it into a real, live, published book. The six months or less guarantee is based on your willingness to put words to page every day in a NaNoWriMo inspired 30 day time frame.  We had a client do just that and with our help, she held her published book in her hand in six months.  You can read more about her in the Testimonials on the website.

The Next Chapter – Turning the Page from Dream to Reality. (site under construction; official opening July 18th, memberships will be limited this first year; first workshop will be in September 🙂 )

Here’s where I offer up my take on ‘life coaching’ (a term I admit, makes me cringe); I have done a LOT of self work over the past so many years and have found my way to some inner peace, a ton of self-acceptance, and even more dream fulfillment.  The purpose of The Next Chapter is to help others find THEIR way.  I’ll be sharing resources via workshops, a workbook that you can incorporate into your day to day planning and task execution that will keep your self-care work and goal achievement at the forefront of your life, and one on one sessions when you need that extra boost to get the work done.

Dana Ellington, Indie Author – Women’s contemporary fiction illustrating the power of self-acceptance and love.

I’m declaring my place in the world as a professional author, finally. I’ve been a writer for a while (since the age of 7), I first self-published in 2008, but I approached it all as a side gig mostly. With the registration of the business as a whole, my DBA takes on more professional responsibilities such as real bookkeeping and paying taxes. Stepping things up across the board means having a production schedule that I stick to, including regular releases and marketing campaigns.

Because I have to do things somewhat ‘bass ackwards’, I won’t make you sign up to be on a mailing list, I won’t start filling the blogs with marketing style posts written with the sole purpose of getting you to click or buy.  That’s just not the way I do things.  lol.

Instead, I’m going to keep sharing what’s going on with me, what I’m writing, when the next workshop is, the resources I’m using and finding helpful; I will keep things priced affordably because what’s the use in offering something that only “1 %” can afford?

I’m also incorporating into business operations, that on my birthday each year going forward that the business is in operation, 5% of our total profit will be donated to causes that promote:

  • human rights
  • environmental protections (sustainable, renewable, organic food and energy sources)
  • education

I’ll be working throughout this first year to identify the foundations / projects / initiatives, etc. that we’ll make our first donations to June 29, 2018.

So yeah,  big things on the horizon. As always, I hope you join me along the way – all of the sites are based here in WordPress so please, click the follow buttons. I’ll be following a number of you via the business sites in hopes of re-blogging your wonderfully insightful and very useful posts, having you guest post directly, and perhaps show up in interviews and endorsements along the way.  I want to promote your good works in the world.

I’ve tied up your eyes long enough. Time to get back to enjoying your day / evening / night.

As always, sending much Love and Light,


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