If you could see inside my soul…

Here are just a few of the items you’d find:

  • a note pad and an ornately carved ink pen with a fine tip. The ink inside would randomly change color to cover all the spectrum of the rainbow.
  • a seven year old playing, skipping, reading, but mostly day dreaming of all kinds of things

Dana in Denver, 1974

  • an angsty 13 year old who worries constantly about self worth; she has a stack of magazine “issues” with titles like, “Daddy”, “Slut or Saint”, “Extreme Shame”, “Guilt Illustrated”, etc.


  • a bookshelf crammed with an ever growing number of volumes of an encyclopedia series titled, Living with Brown Skin.
  • a Dragon with wings shaped like a butterfly’s, but colored more like an arrangement of crystals

Onyx Butterfly

  • my Divinity (although She’s not in any recognizable form most of the time, you can tell it’s Her by the glow that always surrounds Her)
  • tons of music

What’s in your gullet? 😉

Sending love and light…


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