23 of 40 – How to find a good therapist.

I want counseling. But not just any kind of counseling. I don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money for 55 minutes of hearing myself talk. Oh no. I want to go in, state my issues, and walk out with some concrete ways to deal with them.

I’m sinking again. The overwhelm, the negativity. Being around people who don’t understand or want to believe how certain things affect me. As if I’m lying, or exaggerating – being overly dramatic.  I want a therapist or counseling who KNOWS about introversion and being empathetic – who understands and can freakin’ help me feel just my feelings or help me process all the outside feelings that or just…freakin’ help me.

I want a counselor who likes people. Who enjoys his or her job and isn’t out just to make a buck; some one who doesn’t automatically reach for the prescription pad but instead knows some real life coping skills I can learn.

I need help y’all.

Thank you.

Sending Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “23 of 40 – How to find a good therapist.

    1. Thanks. 😊 I have one recommendation so far. Hoping to get at least one more. I know Im going to be okay soon, just need a little space to work some things through. This growing up is for the birds, lol.

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