12 of 40 – Do you trust me?

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I’ve really wandered loose, eh?  What has it been, three days in a row of no posts? I wish I could say it was because I was knee deep in my Camp NaNo project or neck deep in editing AT and TOW but alas, I was lost in my own head, swimming through life such as it is right now, trying not to drown in the depression that comes with being exposed to the news.


Non-fiction – essays if you will. I write them in my head often. I picture myself giving these impassioned speeches about personal responsibility, self-love, God and religion; I imagine giving impromptu TED talks about acceptance, abundance, and karma. The words are powerful, the ideas expressed are mind opening. But rarely do these words find their way to page or being spoken. Apparently I can only imagine reality, while fantasy must be documented at any cost.  Or is it I have confidence in my fiction and none in my fact? Could be I’m not all that pressed to force my beliefs on others, but I’ll damn sure beat you over the head with my latest novel. LOL.  I’m funny.

More random still:

Lesson revealed in this morning’s Morning Pages (trust me? click it):  Different doesn’t mean wrong. Authentic means truth but doesn’t mean absolute right.  Make sense? I’ll let you interpret that. I know what it means, to me :-). And there’s room in my world for your definition, just might not be my truth. See what I’m doing here?

Sigh. What am I really doing here?

Have a wonderful day.

Love you,


3 thoughts on “12 of 40 – Do you trust me?

  1. This is a very interesting concept. I frequently recommend that people find “releases” in life to balance the stresses we seem to accumulate. This exercise is a simple approach that anyone can do to help achieve this goal.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    P.S. All of us lose our way at varying points in life. I believe this is NOT a bad thing. I believe it brings (on a conscious level) an awareness that CHANGE IS NEEDED. When we ignore what our bodies and our MINDS need, they let us know. It’s a protective mechanism, however one we’re capable of overriding. I guess this is just another example of FREE WILL!

  2. Hmmm…I like what you said came out of your morning pages. I’ve been thinking about something lately that I believe is similar. We all have our truth of what we see and what we believe, but we all view it through different lenses colored by our own experiences and perspectives. In the end, everyone has their own story – even if it’s about the same thing. Love you, girl!

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