11 of 40 – At a Loss

“If thine own eye offends thee, pluck it out.”  As spoken by Roddy McDowell in the classic film, The Legend of Hell House.

Anyway, the idea behind the quote today is that there are a couple of behaviors I have that block me from my goals, from my desires. I’m sure you have one or two as well. I’ve been so frustrated lately (especially since Mercury went retrograde on Sunday and I looked up the astrological meanings behind the small note pre-printed in my planner; the power of suggestion y’all…the struggle is real. ahem…) about WHY.  WHY do I behave this way? WHY do I allow myself to block my own blessings – so to speak.  WHY? WHY?! WHY??!!!

I remember the gist of an excerpt from a book I don’t remember that goes like this, “People will be shot by an arrow and will then suffer in pain wondering why they were shot. When what they really should be focused on is removing the arrow.”

I get mired in trying to find out why – why did he dump me? Why is she acting like that towards me? Why am I stuck in this job? Why, why…why do people have to die? Why am I afraid? Why is he such an @#$hole? Why do people hate so easily? Why do people kill other’s before committing suicide? It’s a maze without end.

It struck me this morning to stop with the questions and get on with the removal. I doubt that I’ll ever understand the why when it comes to other’s behavior, let alone figure out all the twists and turns in my own. Best then to focus on the removal – at least as far as I’m concerned. These behaviors offend me, this situation causes me pain, this no longer provides any benefit…there fore, I must “pluck them out.”  I must remove the arrows.

So, yeah. That’s it. That’s all I have for today’s commitment to 40 days of consistent blogging.   Sending you love and light!


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