8 of 40 – We’re just going to play for a bit.

Apparently I missed a day. Who knew.  My apologies.


I don’t want to do ANYTHING but WRITE.  I want to ditch my day job, my chores, my obligations outside of putting words to page. I want to wake when I wake, write when the voices whisper, then eat, nap, perhaps wander loose, go to bed when I get sleepy, then wake and do the whole thing again.

I’ve contracted with a firm – Alexis Chateau PR –  to do the heavy lifting: logo design, website build, taking my ideas and putting them in a coherent business plan, etc. But there’s still business-y stuff I have to do, and that freakin’ day job so I can afford the PR firm…SIGH.  All the adulting!

So, that’s why you have the above video today. Because I am abdicating my adulting duties today. I may not even work on my Camp NaNo…or wait, naw. I need to get that done. I need to submit a couple of manuscripts for print estimates as well as secure a place to lay my head for this year’s sojourn to the home state. ALL THE MONEY!!! Damn adulting!!

Beep, beep…sigh.



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