7 of 40 – another quick scene.

She scaled the wall in her usual spot, noting that none of her trip wires or other safety features had been crossed.  Slipping in the window was academic.  She made quick work of taking off her weapons and then her clothes on the way to the shower.  The clothes went into a trash bag from there they would end up in the incinerator in the basement.  She climbed slowly into the tiny shower, water blasting over her, so hot it was just shy of scalding.  She hung her head and let the water wash over her body.  An eternity later, she was sitting in the comfortable chair in the corner, her back to the solidity of the two outer brick walls.  She had reinforced them when she set up this safe house – nothing short of a missile could penetrate them.  This is where she slept.

She was just beginning to doze, the [gun] on the table to her right.  The sniffling at the door brought her fully awake, gun in hand.  She sat that way for a full count of ten before approaching the door.  Noting that none of the safety features in the hallway had been tripped, she relaxed and listened, the sound of the puppy’s sniffing became obvious.  “You have got to be kidding,” she muttered, opening the many locks and releasing the two spells.  The door swung open and the pitch black muzzle of the puppy pushed its way in, followed by its oversized body.  “Really?  You really followed me all the way up here?”

The puppy’s slow tail wagging and it’s presence at her door the only answer she would receive.  “How in the world did something so big get past the trip wire?  Are you a good trap sniffing dog?”  Yet another wag of the tail.  “Well, I bet you’re hungry.”  This time the tail wagging was more than enthusiastic and shook the entire body.  She let in the wobbly dog and followed it into the kitchen.

A quick rummage through the fridge produced some left overs from her favorite eateries in the neighborhood.  She pulled out all the meat and placed it on a plate for the puppy who snuffled her appreciation before taking everything in no sooner than the plate was in reach of her mouth.  The puppy gave a quick lick of the chops followed by what Victoria took to be a burp before shuffling off on a sniffing expedition of the entire apartment.  She didn’t have far to go, the apartment consisted of the tiny kitchen, small dinning area, a reasonably sized living room and the medium sized bedroom which Victoria had yet to sleep in.  There was a bed in there, but Victoria used it mostly as an office and weapons room.  Her clothes were kept neatly in a dresser she had found in the alley.

Part of book two, Demon Master. Sigh.

What’s good with you?

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