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Camp NaNo begins and it’s off to my back files to dig out my next manuscript for release prep. I tend to rebel during the Camps and will start with a piece that’s partially written and vow to add 50K words to what I’ve already done. So it’s still a 50K challenge, I’m just starting with bits and pieces of a story that needs finishing.

So, this month, I’m tackling my first foray into the world of demons and the first ever story idea that turned into a planned trilogy.  Introducing, Demon Protege.  Oh, spoiler alert, the next two books are titled, Demon Master, and Demon Reign.  Love the titles.

Anyway, taking a page from my friend Cassidy over at Wide Awake but Dreaming, here on WordPress (check her out, she’s my “Scrivener / How to Write an EPIC novel” guru), I’ll be posting a few excerpts to help fill in some posts in my commitment to doing a post a day for 40 days.  I’ll also be asking (BEGGING) those of you who have written in this particular genre before for tips, suggestions, and eventually, a Beta read or two. I have several fight scenes and a boss battle or two to write and quite frankly, I haven’t done anything like that since I was 11 or 12. I’m a tad rusty, lol, and times have certainly changed when it comes to writing compelling action scenes.

Cassidy, John (Shaven Wookie), Kent (Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha)  – I’m looking at you! I’ve read your work, you guys know how to put together some gripping action scenes.  Any advice you’d care to share, I’d appreciate receiving.

But for now, we start you off with this:

Nothing like finding out your dad’s the head of a clan of demons hell bent on taking over the world at the same time you get a gig as a demon hunting apprentice. Talk about a rough first day on the job.

That’s the blurb I wrote for the back cover of the book.  Makes me giggle. The tone of the book isn’t quite as humorous as that, but there are some comedic moments that pop up with my male lead in the second book.  I’ll be working on it during Camp NaNo in June.

So, alright. ‘Nuff of this bloggin’, time to get to novelin’.

Love you guys!

Have a great day.


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