Don’t know if I can do 40

Good friend of mine is doing a 40 day blog post deal as a way to rekindle her writing fire. I follow the Artist’s Way and do three hand written pages in the mornings -most often right after I wake up, but always before 9:30 am.  Feels more genuine if I stick to a deadline.

Anyway, with Camp NaNo just around the corner and my commitment to being a professional novelist for the rest of my life, I am all about the writing so, while I may not make 40 posts in a row, I will show my support of my friend’s efforts and begin putting energy into posting more often.

Starting tomorrow, lol.

Yes, I’m putting off till tomorrow what I can do today.  Oh wait. Maybe not. I mean, I’m posting this today, so technically I guess this counts.  Cool.  So yeah, fist pump – I’m in with post #1 :-).

You’ll want to check out my friend’s blog: See. Seek. Find.

Now, I’m off to work on post #2.  Oh, and an idea for post #3 just popped into my head. Heeeyyyy, there may be something to this commitment to writing thing after all.   Thanks Dina!




5 thoughts on “Don’t know if I can do 40

  1. When I started blogging 5 days a week, in a row, I though I could never keep that pace – one thing that really helped was structure – for example every Monday I post about music; Tuesdays: excerpt form my novel etc. You might try something similar – every Monday post about character, Tuesday – plot etc – that way you already have a notion what to focus on when you start. I also have day when I post about whatever comes to mind –

  2. I’m so excited! I am loving it. Some days are harder than others but making the commitment has been great. I have thought about having a specific topic a day as @topoet suggested but found that I do better with a loose outline of ideas then writing about what feels good that day. Can’t wait to read yours!

    1. Duncan (@TOPoet) does a great job using prompts to spark his posts. We’ll see what I manage to come up with. I’m thinking of following my friend Cassidy’s lead and posting excerpts from my works in progress. But I don’t know – we’ll see how it all turns out ;-). Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

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