He started it

So aptly describes the majority of my feelings. Ends & Beginnings is a great blog to read not just because the author and I agree on many a subject, but because he has a wide variety of well written posts that help give me new perspectives on life. Definitely check him out :-).

Ends and Beginnings


This country is divided and honestly that isn’t really anything new. As much as I hate labels for the purpose of this post and for the sake of clarity I am going to define the two sides as the Right and the Left. I wish there were more sides, at least three to choose from but I am afraid whatever middle ground that once existed has simply eroded away.

Now for any of you that may be first time readers of my blog I used to exist somewhat in the middle but leaning much more to the Left. That all changed when I was forced to pick a side and yes I was forced, think football, Alabama or Auburn, Ohio or Michigan.

You see from my perspective, in the middle on the Left, the Right simply got too nasty, starting with the guy that yelled “F*ck you” to me simply because I had…

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