Returning to the Source.

For awhile there I’d lost the words. Or rather, I’d stepped out of the flow of my life. I was sat on the shore, observing the words (my purpose). Watching as people twisted existence with their power – words have power you know. GREAT POWER.  Seemed that there was no way to combat this rising evil.

So, I took my leave.

The banks, the shore line – it’s pretty. But bland at the same time. There’s no energy for me on the shore save for that which keeps my heart beating. Slow. Steady.  See – no excitement. No…living, just life.

I want to return to living what time I have left in this existence.

So I’ve stepped back into the flow. Into the sea of words and their POWER. I’m about waist deep, rebuilding my trust that I will find the right path through the rhetoric of evil that has polluted this once sacred ocean.

My heart is racing a bit faster. The excitement, the whisper of those other voices. I’m coming home at last.

To that end, I must clean house so to speak.  Release the already visited words back into the wild. Would you care to give them a good home?

Once I am fully back into the flow, these words, as they are housed will no longer be available. There will be new wrappings, new configurations – new ways I’ve told the story. The current words though are good, and worthy of love and I don’t want to leave them languishing.

  • Breaking Point (paperback) = $5
  • Let There Be Life (paperback) = $2
  • Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol 1 (paperback) =1$

To purchase, click here.  You’ll clearly see the cover displayed and the prices.  Only the three titles listed above are on sale.  Hello Diva is in re-production and will be part of the NEW and IMPROVED Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting opening in July of this year.

E-versions of all titles are available at the locations below until March 31st:

  • Smashwords – multiple platforms, but not so consistent formatting despite all the hard work that went into following the guidelines so the file would be accepted. Sigh.
  • Amazon – Kindle format that looks pretty good :-).

Ahhhh, pulse quickening yet again. Now, to just lie back and let the words carry me all the way home.

I love you.


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