The Distribution Center: Where Fear Meets Love

Renea Winchester

volunteersneededShe curled her hands around her body, an attempt to stay warm while we “shopped.” That’s what people at the Distribution Center do, they shop. For paper products, socks, cans of food, and an opener with which to pierce through a can of peas. When you lose everything but the clothes on your back, finding a simple hand-held can opener is cause for celebration.

Camera’s aren’t allowed at the Distribution Center. Sevier County Tennessee, home of Dolly Parton and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is in a state of mourning, a state of rebuilding, a condition of relying upon every hand available to show up and help. Volunteers are needed, 150 every shift. The need is great and the “Volunteer State,” who historically is the first state to jump in when disaster strikes, needs you . . . now.

Volunteers are told to dress warmly: wear jackets and coats…

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