He Only Needed Dog Food: Stories from The Distribution Center

Bringing some urgency to light – donations are still needed in the fire ravaged areas of north Georgia and Tennessee. Please reach out to Renea Winchester (author of the blog post below) directly in the comments section of her blog post. Thank you.

Renea Winchester

“Can you help this young man? “ The Pet Food Lady asks.

I call her the Pet Food Lady because she and her husband man the Pet Food Station at The Distribution Center. They are from Nashville, visiting on what I call a Vol-cation, a volunteering-vacation. The Pet Food Lady knows the rules: No Distribution Without An Approved Shopper. So upon her introduction I grab a buggy. Then Jack (name changed) and I set out shopping.

“I only came for dog food,” he insists.

“Where did you live before the fire?” I ask. A simple question I ask all #MountainTough folk paired with me.

“Ski Mountain,” came the reply as he diverted his gaze.

I knew about Ski Mountain, how the breath of hell blew down the mountain at 87 miles an hour devouring homes of the least of these. Local news reporters refer to the area as a “war…

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