The Great Divide Part 2: Economy

Definitely food for thought. Coincides with an idea for a post that ran through my mind this morning; initial thought – “why are you angry at (insert group of people here) for you not being in a position you want / feel is your birth right? They didn’t DO anything to you, as They don’t OWN the companies that chose to outsource jobs off shore; THEY didn’t mine all the resources out of an area then move on to the next place; THEY didn’t stop you from furthering your education…the list goes on.”
Thank you Leigh at Not Just Sassy on the Inside for another insightful post.

Not Just Sassy on the Inside

English: Workers inside the South Brisbane But... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I ruminated about the impact of education on the big division in this country.  The other arena in which I’m pondering options for narrowing the gap is economic.  A huge portion of those who supported Trump are people who’ve been left behind by the job market.

They often seem to blame immigrants and/or Americans of a different color than theirs for taking their jobs.  I, on the other hand, see three main causes: (1) automation replacing jobs; (2) companies seeking lower employee payrolls moving operations to other countries and (3) the tsunami of technology and its shift of jobs into arenas requiring skills most laid-off workers don’t possess.

We don’t have to agree on the cause to agree it’s scary and horrible to lose your job and to have nothing on the horizon to replace it.  Democrats have talked about doing something but haven’t produced.  Republicans…

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