And then there was this…

Just how will his new gig effect the reported 3500 law suits currently pending?

And just in case the way your cousin’s brother-in-law explained it didn’t make sense,  here’s the electoral college described in simpler terms.

Oh, and there’s also a lot of talk going around about some potential felony charges from not so long ago that may come to bear between now and the inauguration…

But hey, once you’re elected, you can just wipe the slate clean, right?  Perhaps, but that sets the stage for an impeachment, eh?

All of this stems from a conversation I had with my sister last night as she was unknowingly talking me out of fleeing the country.

Despite that punched in the gut feeling from yesterday; the fear that so many of the (still not applied equitably) rights I enjoy in this country may be wiped away in the next four years, I am somehow finding a glimmer of hope that some major, positive change, may still be on the horizon and that Karma will do what it always does to set things back to zero. Perhaps not on my desired schedule, and not without some pain on mine or the world’s part, but set things straight It will.

I have my life to date to solidify my belief, shore up my faith. I will do what I’ve always done and that’s rise up, face what I gotta face, take what I gotta take, and survive until I’m dead. I know I’ll find some joy along the way.

thlgw1axtnI love you,


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