I’m About to be on a watch list.

And granted, I’m not the most politically savvy person on the planet. Hell, I’ve given up social media, television, and news reports just so I could attempt to live a somewhat anxiety-lite existence. So no, I won’t be spouting historical fact or linking to an encyclopedia of quotes and such supporting my belief at this point. Nope, I’ll just point out that all that avoiding the biased, fear mongering that has somehow become “entertainment”, was a ridiculous waste of time.

Yeah, it was a good run while it lasted. And for a while there, I was starting to feel as if there was hope that somehow, rationality would prevail.  But alas.  Here we sit.

As long as he who shall remain nameless on this blog; the embodiment of all that I think is wrong with humans in general, is in the office he has been *gag* elected to hold, then I will live in fear.

You see, I am the embodiment of all he made fun of, of all he seeks to control, of all he holds nothing but contempt for – I’m a “minority”, a woman, and gasp, a non-Christian.  I’m also lower middle class. From what little I heard of his campaign vomit, I can expect to be a target for his minions just because he proved that white, cis, “Christian” males can display their mis-placed hate, anger, and fear without negative consequences.

I thought it was bad when citizens were angry that a man of color dared to earn the seat in the Oval office.  Things kicked up a notch when someone with breasts sought to seek the same…I figured if she’d won, then I’d be a target because there’d be so many men who believed they’d been personally wronged that they’d react violently toward others of her kind, but for some reason, the idea while unsettling, didn’t rob me of some sense of security. Oh well. As I’d said, it was a good run while it lasted.

I honestly hoped I’d never have to learn what it felt like to live in post Civil War America. So much for that, eh?

Still trying to live with love,


3 thoughts on “I’m About to be on a watch list.

  1. I’ll comment here about He Who Shall Not Be Named and mention that he’s a lying toad in hopes I get on the watch list, too, ’cause you should never travel alone. 🙂

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