Triggered, Part Two

Subsequent thoughts as 3AM rolled into almost 9AM (before things quieted down)

I am open to your opinion but will delete any offensive, threatening, or otherwise harmful comments. We don’t do that here.

My conundrum upon hearing the argument:

NO ONE deserves to be on the receiving end of abuse of any kind.  Yet, I wish for abusers of spouses, animals, children, elderly, to suffer the same fate as they doled out.

NO ONE deserves to be sexually assaulted. But am I victim-blaming in believing that adults hold some responsibility to not put themselves into situations where such a thing may happen? i.e. getting fall down drunk at a frat party; running alone through a secluded area or when it’s dark out?

Am I contradicting my beliefs when I decide certain crimes should indeed be punishable by death?

Overheard, “put your hands on me like you did her.” Spoken by a female to a male, I assume. NO ONE deserves to be abused, but then why would anyone turn around and invite it into your life? Unless you are a trained fighter, why would you ask, demand, to be hit?

I’ve watched as a young woman berated her boyfriend in public during many an argument over the course of several months. We were in college at the time. They were a known couple about campus. If you saw one, you saw the other. And as I said, often, she was yelling at him, throwing verbal blows, occasionally pushing and shoving. And always, he countered with silence and what appeared to be ridiculous amounts of patience. When he finally snapped and beat her up I was torn. She didn’t “deserve” it but as far as I could decide, she’d certainly done her level best to push him to that point. Yes, he could have, probably should have, walked away well before that point, but so should she, right? If his behavior was such that she felt compelled to mistreat him, why not break it off and be with someone else?  Why would he stay in such a relationship?

…what’s love got to do with it?

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