Random…but hope-FULL

A mortgage is rent with more responsibility (more on that later when I finally get around to the post about my not so new, new place).

My Divinity is not based on any religious doctrine.  She is not Christian, did not come from a book…She is the very energy that ties me to the ebb and flow of the tides, the cycles of the seasons; growth and decay. And when She calls the energy that makes me me, when She calls that energy back to Her, I will go with peace knowing that I did what She put me together in this time line to do (I mentioned the Call…it’s growing louder, and no, I’m not going into preaching, lol).

I cannot get this pain in my back to end.  But I feel the change in the wind. I feel the rise of my tears at the relief that is coming.  My Divinity whispers to me and I hear Her. I know I’m about to explode. Finally. Finally, I am soon to break out of the chrysalis. Perhaps the pain is that of my wings developing and trying to break through?  Hmmmm.

And guess what?  You are too.  You, my beloved, are on the way out and up. We are going to soar, my loves. Can you feel it? The change is coming. And I am so grateful.

I love you. Be sure to vote!!



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