Just a little while longer…

Hiddy Ho good neighbors 🙂


I’ve got one more life event to get situated. Once that’s settled, I will be able to tune back into my creative side and be able to put words to page again.  Good thing seeing as how NaNoWriMo ’16 is RIGHT AROUND THE FREAKIN’ CORNER.  (lawd how did that happen?)


I didn’t earn my July Camp NaNo badge. I’m not all that bummed about it because I still ended up with a decent start to a story I love. It’s on my re-spawn list to start my writing marketing train back up in earnest so there will be speaking engagements (maybe, lol), book signings (pretty sure), and attendance to local book fairs (for sure).

In the meantime, I want you to do me a favor. It won’t cost any money. I have several girlfriends who are going through some things right now:

  1. harassment & bullying on the job
  2. under employment
  3. just laid off from a sucky job that wasn’t meeting needs anyway
  4. soul sucking, toxic work environment

Would you all offer up a big ole helping of LIGHT to shine on them in the darkness?  I’m gearing up for some major manifestation work in their honor (as I’m kicking ass in my own world, it’s time to turn my power to the service of others). I’m being called to some sort of action – something that’s going to elevate us all (so if you’re going through it right now, I’ll be sending LIGHT your way as well).  I expect to know what it is soon.


So whether you pray, meditate, or just wish on stars, however it works out, join me just briefly in sending that LIGHT.

Thank you in advance, and remember, I love you. We’re all in this together.


PS – PLEASE be sure to register for and vote in the upcoming elections.

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