BuJo-ing w/ *ADOSS – Part 6

OMG – I had no intention of it taking this long to get this post posted.  Thanks to the move and complications at work, I had to put blogging on hold.  I should be back on something resembling a schedule as I’ve gone back to having internet at home, as well as…Heaven help me, cable TV.  I’m stuck in a 2-yr contract. Sigh.  I’ve got my room set up though so that I can have the TV on for background noise, thus somehow satisfying my paying for it (fuss & grumble) while I write as opposed to what I’d been doing before – sitting on the couch vegging out to cooking shows.  Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the conclusion to my BuJo post series.


The conclusion.

Unlike my other planner systems, the kind with the pre-designed, pretty pages, the BuJo is forgiving of mistakes. Not the kind you can easily white out and write over. I mean the big ones where you paste in or draw a layout that soon after you decide you don’t like; or maybe you notice you misspelled something big. Whatever the faux pas, a little washi tape goes a long way.  I’ve taped over many a, “oh, that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to at all”.

Ryder’s original idea was very clean, crisp, utilitarian in its appearance.

But the planner community has since elevated it considerably while still keeping its functionality.

It is an excellent system for planning for the future while recording the present, leaving you with documentation of your past. I LOVE looking at the mess that I’ve made. It isn’t neat or tidy, and neither is my life as I live it. The way I BuJo is so, well, ME – not all that well put together but beautiful none-the-less.

So, there you have it – my entry into the BuJo Admiration Society.  Now that a large portion of my my ADOSS has been freed up (yay move!), it’s driving me to focus on something else. Namely the novels I’m excited to get back to writing. And the one I still need to release officially. Oh, and getting my book covers redone. Gotta get back to my fitness stuff. Shit, the wedding! Geez still so much to do there. Oh look, Shiny!

half traditional half avengers

7 thoughts on “BuJo-ing w/ *ADOSS – Part 6

    1. Glad to read you found some useful information. I find Im remembering more of my to-dos so Im getting more done. Im still a bit disorganized from the move but so looking forward to reinstating my routine.

      1. Im down to the boxes Id had in the old garage, full of old papers, music and video cassettes, and who knows what that really could probably go in the trash. I could an industrial shredder…😀

      2. I thinned the herd awhile ago; donated a bunch of vhs and my old vcr to the library. What I have left are movies that I havent yet replaced with digutal versions. I have some direct to vhs adaptations of Stephen King short stories that Im not sure even exist in any other format yet. I dont see myself getting rid of those ever, lol.

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