An even quicker quickie *arachnophobia warning*

That monster vampire – as in only comes out at night – spider is back living in the space between supports on my front stoop. Despite giving me quite the fright when I first noticed it again (on one of my “I woke up at o’dark stupid” mornings), It does seem to have brought another round of the Universe’s blessings in disguise.  So I thank It each night that I find myself out on Its front stoop (yes, I’ve given the entire little entry way to It.  It’s too big to argue with and I didn’t want to piss It off with any high-falootin’ ideas that just because I paid the rent I could consider the little section of porch as mine).

The first vampire.

4 thoughts on “An even quicker quickie *arachnophobia warning*

      1. Nope, they all look the same to me. Hopefully it isn’t the one I learned about when I did my Australian wildlife post that’s bite will….. well, maybe I should stop right there. 😉

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