Found a really nice place to move to. Made all of the arrangements. Will have spent $1900 to move in (not counting upcoming utility deposits, if any and the purchase of household goods), and now the doubt is creeping in despite the Universe having shown me great favor thus far. For which I am soul-filled grateful for. Amen.

It seems my nature is to fear yet have faith.  It’s an odd combination that keeps me up  nights as I envision the wonder and the what-ifs.

Will be settled a month before the nuptials, small blessing that.  Still have a hair over 2K to pay out to bring that event to life. I think the whole shebang is going to total five to six thousand; putting me that many dollars back in debt.  BUT, I will have paid it all off in a year.  I think I’m down to a year’s worth of student loan payments as well which, providing nothing goes too awry (sending prayers to the Universe, Goddess, God, Buddha, Allah, The Ancestors, et al), will put me in a position to be COMPLETELY DEBT FREE by my 50th birthday.

I’ll probably buy a house then. 🙂

Part six (The End) of the most recent BuJo series of posts I’ve done will be up in a day or so. I’m just about done packing so I’ll have time in the evening to plug in the laptop and make it happen.

Can’t think of anything else at the moment. Just wanted to make sure I stopped in and said hey.

Love you guys!


One thought on “Quickie

  1. Sounds like all is going well! I would love to see the end of my student loan payments. One is done with the next payment – the others are done some long time in the future. But I’ll take one down at this point!

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