BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 5

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Another spot where my ADOSS has edged me closer to madness. I wrote in my first BuJo with my favorite blue ink pen. Nothing fancy, it’s a Paper Mate. Not sure of the model or tip size.  I like it because using it leaves indentations on the page that feel good to me. Go figure. I still like it, but after my umpteenth Plan With Me video, I wanted COLOR.  I dug through my junk and came up with a set of glittery gel pens I’d had for awhile.


But then I found myself wandering the aisles at Office Depot and what do you know? I snapped up a set of colorful ink pens.  Staedtler ball point pens to be exact.


Did you ever notice those inexpensive Sharpies they keep up front by the check-out stands?


The ADOSS is real people.

 OMG! Metalic ink?  Perfect for writing on the dark notebook covers, eh?


I’m sorry, did you say you use a “micro tip”.  MUST HAVE!


Don’t forget the washi tape. Oh, and the protractor. And the ruler / hole punch. And the double sided tape. And the slips of paper I’ve printed headers, calendars, quotes, or titles on and then cut out in preparation for upcoming spreads. Ohhh, and the Post-It flags I use to mark the pages I want to be able to go back to quickly. Uh, and the large baggie in which I carry it all.

I’m still trying to figure out how I went from one set of old gel pens to a pen case full of pens, a highlighter, and a correction pen (easier for me to use than the brush or tape styles) and a full, gallon sized Zip-loc baggie in a little over a week’s time.


When will the madness stop?

The exciting conclusion is up next in Part 6

9 thoughts on “BuJo-ing w *ADOSS – Part 5

    1. Truer words were never written, lol. I have managed to rein it in whilst preparing to move households, but you can best believe, once my office is put together and organized…there’s this fancy set of metalic pens I saw at Target that will be MINE!! lol…

      1. This time of year is the worst – I can’t avoid it anywhere in the store. I have already bought several binders, even though I have an entire box full of them at home. In my defense, they were super cute.

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