BuJo-ing with ADOSS, Part 3

You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here.

As I’d mentioned, in June I joined the Nerd Fitness Academy. I liked the idea of having a definitive fitness program to follow as my half-assed attempts over the last few years hadn’t netted any lasting or noticeable results in my physical appearance.  Anyway, of course I wanted to incorporate my fitness regimen into my BuJo. So I designed a little tracker to paste onto the bottom of my dailies in July. But of course, by the time I got close to using my July spreads, I’d already changed my mind as to how I wanted things to look and what all I wanted to track. Just so happens that my birthday is in June. And I just happened to have a little birthday cash come my way and since I was buying my daughter a notebook (in hopes of getting her interested in my obsession, I mean, in using a BuJo to keep herself organized), I went ahead and picked up another one for myself.  An imitation Moleskine, I figured I’d use it for all of my fitness related stuff. No sooner than I had the plastic wrap off was I penning in my sections, my trackers, my page numbers and such for July and August.


It’s August and my ADOSS has kicked in. I don’t want two different journals anymore, I want a beautiful all in one spread that incorporates all my trackers.

So what do I do? I ask my honey for another Molskine journal. He had a few lying around he wasn’t using so…yeah. Don’t ask me how my brain went from “I want a single book that, blah, blah, blah” to “I need another notebook.”  I’m still not sure. However it worked out, I now have THREE notebooks. One is my current journal – it goes with me everywhere. One that is my “fitness” BuJo that I don’t want to use anymore so I’ve covered up most of what I’d already put in it and just use it now because, well, I don’t know why. ADOSS don’t’cha know. And one that is my, “I’m going to use this one as soon as I run out of room in my current notebook”.

current library.jpg

Speaking of my current notebook, I don’t know if you picked up on how different it looks from when it was first introduced. ADOSS strikes again…

…an excuse to go to the office supply / art / hobby store? Yes, please.

Part 4 up next.

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