BuJo-ing with *ADOSS, Part 1

(*Attention Deficit…ohhhh, something shiny)

It started with a simple mention in a blog post. My writer friend Ellie Mack casually mentioned that she’d started using a Bullet Journal.  Her description of it piqued my interest. You see, I am a sucker for a planning system. I was a Franklin Covey addict for many a year, spending upwards of $80 plus dollars to get the latest cover and fun calendar inserts. I’d eagerly start each new year with the intent of being most productive; my planner would guide me to getting all my to-do’s, to done. I’d never forget another birthday, meeting, or important event.  Of course, I’d have to buy pens with which to color code my entries. Oh, the joy.

It had been quite a while since I’d used a planner longer than a few months at a time. So when I heard Ellie talk the pros of her Bullet Journal I thought it might be a system I could finally keep up with. Didn’t hurt that I watched Ryder Carol’s video.  That was the first “something shiny” that got me started.

I wanted to start immediately so I grabbed the one of the many notebooks I had lying around and got to BuJo-ing.


I followed the video closely and laid out my pages as instructed. It was all very neat and tidy. Until..

….to be continued

10 thoughts on “BuJo-ing with *ADOSS, Part 1

  1. Uh-oh…I’m anxious to find out what happened with it!

    (I, too, love a good planner! I finally have a great system for my blogging, which is probably why everyone is now seeing 2+ posts a day. I’m actually busier than ever at home and work, but still getting to the blog. Yay, organization!)

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