1:47 AM to 5:30 or so


Uh, yeah. Sinus pain, runny nose.  Nasal swelling so tight I can feel my pulse through my nostril up to behind my eye. Wake up to go to the bathroom (because of course, in my effort to live healthier, I’m drinking ALL the water) at 1:47 am.  Brain decides since I’m up, it should share all of the things it’s worrying over. So it moves the entire list up from the subconscious level to the conscious, thus activating a couple of the voices in my head. The brain chatter was…well,


(on repeat!)

There is still too much on my to-do list and deadlines are closing in while the money is running out. Oh, and did I mention the job situation is starting to look precarious once again.

I tried the list of insomnia remedies I’ve collected over the last year. Susie Lindau’s (of Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride) recommendation from yesterday (click here, read it in the comments) worked to ease the worry chatter but then had me working out the kinks in my April NaNo to distraction, lol.

Long about 5:30 or so, something clicked and I dropped off to sleep. Only to have a dream in which something was going horribly wrong with my body leading me to the onset of what I dreamt was a fainting spell. Freaked me out so I woke up rather abruptly…at 6:10, three minutes before the first alarm was due to go off. I nodded off almost immediately only to then be snapped awake by the 6:13 alarm. I cut it off, reset the 6:15 alarm to 6:30 and promptly fell back into a doze, from which I once again, snapped awake, this time at 6:28. Another bad dream about my health.  I think the fact that my nose was swelling shut may have triggered some anxiety while I was asleep.

Anyway, since everything feels so crazy right now, I’m going to go on a little hiatus creatively until I get a couple of things situated. Where I’m going to be living is number one on my list. So as soon as I have that in hand, I’ll try to get back on something resembling a regular writing schedule.

I’m thinking my July NaNo is a wash and will have to wait now until August (?).  I’d so hoped to write it all in July, edit and revise August and September so I could publish and release in time for Halloween. But there’s that pesky move and the wedding in the middle of things. Might end up being a Valentine’s Day 2017 release instead. I mean it is a love story of sorts anyway.



14 thoughts on “1:47 AM to 5:30 or so

    1. Thanks, :-). Will definitely do my best. Thinking I’m going to make it an early day today just to get some rest. I’ve got to work this weekend so need to shore up my reserves.

      1. I’ve dealt with them for so long usually when I feel one come on I can manage it before it gets too far gone by immediately putting on sunglasses, taking headache medicine with caffeine, and laying down. It didn’t work this time. I had the full
        Blown migraine Sunday and then the migraine hangover with some sinus pressure mixed in since then. I think I’ll try steaming my face and doing a
        Sinus flush today. Fingers crossed that it helps….

      2. Migraine hangovers are the worst…

        I’m going to go with the steam treatment this evening. It’s been so flippin hot during the day the last thing I want is more hot, humid air but I’ve got to try something to get my sinus’ to relax a little, lol.

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