Still On Sale

If you haven’t taken a gander, the Smashwords Summer Sale is still going strong which means my erotica collection (Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol 1.) and my novellas (Let There Be Life and Aphrodite’s Twin) are free while my two novels (Hello Diva & Breaking Point) are 50% off, making them a whopping $ 0.99  :-).

If you’re reading them on a Kindle, the formatting may be off as Smashwords uses a different set of guidelines than Amazon.

There’s no way for me to know who my buyers are, but if you have read ANY of my work and liked it, please drop me a review either here on WordPress or send directly to my email,  Emailed reviews won’t be publicly shared without permission. I’m anxious to get feedback to use in my marketing materials.

Thanks!  And happy reading.



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