Definition (as it appears in my life right now):

  • find a new place to live (pay app fees, deposit, 1st month’s rent)
  • fix up the normal wear and tear on the old place so as to hopefully get some of my deposit back
  • pack
  • find a storage unit / move non-essentials to storage unit to wait until after I move
  • pay bills
  • get ready to get married (book caterer, buy accessories, bridal party gifts, cake, back-up dress; hotel; plane tickets…might turn that last into a road trip; arrange for transportation; make decorations; book hairstylist; finish music arrangment)
  • go to VA for work training
  • replenish stock (avoid LDs)
  • finish 2nd manuscript of three planned for this year
  • replenish physical book stock / get back to seriously marketing my writing
  • clean / reorganize warehouse
  • walk more
  • work out three times a week
  • spend more time with friends / less time indoors on the couch or in bed
  • finish reading and write review as agreed
  • get renters insurance
  • Countdown to 50 activities (for partial list click here)
  • Nerd Fitness Academy activities (for partial list click here)
  • Drink more water (supposed to be up to 64ozs / day starting Sunday)
  • Eat more vegetables (there are only so many I like and so many ways to cook them, sigh)
  • Meditate daily
  • provide housing for offspring (mine and one other @_@) until they can provide for themselves
  • Cut out pasta, bread, bad carbs (doing a gradual elimination that culminates in two weeks)
  • get vehicle breaks checked / replaced; oil change(s)
  • do what I can to keep my current job
  • job hunt in another city
  • open investment account for off spring / open second investment account for myself
  • move / unpack
  • officially release (marketing) Aphrodite’s Twin
  • edit / format / publish / release (marketing) The Other woman
  • edit / format / publish / release (marketing ) Eat Prey Blood
  • make last payment on bill consolidation loan (do the dance of joy, I am FINALLY debt free except for my student loans!! and what I’m probably going to end up having to charge for the wedding – hopefully no more than a grand when it’s all said and done)
  • develop / implement business plan for 2016 – 2017 fiscal year
  • finish blurbs for website
  • go to day job every business day until September 29th to make sure there is plenty of vacation time to pull from for October travel
  • …tbd

The latest deadline I have for any one thing is October 31st with the exception of the health stuff as those are life style changes that I’m incorporating to carry me through the rest of my life.

copied from rosemaryfusca.typepad.com

Sigh.  So I’m back to asking, what’s going on in your world?

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