Most Awesome :-)

I won 🙂


Thank you, Lacey – author of the blog, BigandPinkeyToes – not only for the award but for the scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich recipes you’ve been posting lately ;-).

Before I get to the question part of my acceptance, I’d like to go ahead and post the five blogs I nominate.  You’ll definitely want to check them out for their consistently awesome content:

  1. Life of an El Paso Woman
  2. Home, Hugs, and Huskies
  3. Ah, Dad
  4. Steven Willard Images
  5. The Caffeinated Writer

And now, on to the questions.

1. What made you choose WP as your blogging platform?

I don’t remember how I got started using WordPress. I’m almost positive I ended up here after having done a Google search on which blogging platforms were the “best”.  I tried Blogger and much like everything Google related, I found it difficult to work with.

2. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog?

My name is Dana. I’m an independent, self-published author, publisher, and writing coach. My blog is for the author part of me mostly. It’s where I come to let the non-novel words out.  You’ll find a mix of topics that mostly have to do with self-improvement, my writing, and my coaching work.

3. Are you a once in a while blogger or a daily one?

I suppose I could be considered a once in a while blogger even though I tend to blog regularly. I don’t stick to a daily schedule, but it’s unusual for more than a week or so to go by without a post. I’ve taken breaks here and there that lasted up to a few months, but I always come back.

4. Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book?

See the answer to number 2 :-).  I’m working on publishing two more books this year, then hope to establish a pattern where I release no less than two books a year going forward.

5. What is your favorite thing to do besides write?

There’s other things to do besides writing? Wow.  No, no, just kidding. I enjoy dancing quite a bit, and 3-D jigsaw puzzles. Spending time with friends, family. Eating sometimes takes up a large part of my day, as does sleep when I don’t have to do anything else. Sorry, you said “favorite thing” as in singular. Typical of me as a fiction writer – using so many words when one or two would do. 😉

So that’s it. Thanks again to Lacey (and sorry this is so late) for the award.  Y’all have a good day, ‘kay?



4 thoughts on “Most Awesome :-)

  1. Heck, Blogger is even difficult to work with from the reading end! One of the blogs I follow is on Blogger, but I’m stuck only reading there because it won’t let me comment, under any ID, under and circumstances. It just won’t work. WP has its own issues, but compared to Blogger its a well oiled machine…

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