the-caffeinated-writerI’m on week one of my 2nd Nerd Fitness Challenge, week two of my own Life/Fitness Challenge; the Eight Week Challenge on The Caffeinated Writer is in week three and has some new participants (check them out via links found here).

In lieu of all this “challenging” going on, I am looking at some key factors in my success and or, uh, non-success. Not calling it failure just yet because I’ve still go room to turn things around. 🙂

There are several things that trigger my sliding into my not so healthy, unconscious habits:

  1. Heat / sweating
  2. Cold
  3. Rain
  4. Worry and its cousins, Anxiety and Stress
  5. Social Situations where I only know one or two people
  6. My mom – I tend to revert to being “the kid” and all that implies despite being almost 50yrs. old
  7. Disruptions to my  money flow – an unexpected expense
  8. Joint pain, migraine
  9. Lack of sleep
  10. Having to do things by myself
  11. Having to hold myself accountable, the consequences when I slack off don’t affect anyone but me and for some reason, my brain rationalizes that that’s okay.
  12. The 1st missed task / fall off the wagon so to speak
  13. Anyone’s negative reaction to what I propose to do / am doing

To combat these things I’ve put together what I’m calling Plan B.  Not to be confused with Plan 9 from Outer Space (man what a great, campy, cheesy movie that was). No, my Plan B consists of the three main things I’ll do and or fall back on when I notice I’ve fallen short of my desired tasks for the day.  Note I said for THE day.  None of this falling off the wagon then waiting until the next new challenge to get back on track. *ahem*

Anyway, my Plan B:

  1. Set up real, meaningful, realistic, forward-momentum-maintaining rewards that I’ll award myself upon completion of a week’s / month’s worth of tasks, goals, to-do’s, etc.
  2. Mass requests for accountability-buddies and folks to work out with. I don’t care if one person can only meet me one time for a walk around the track at the high school, something’s got to give. I’m not all that social, but I do know if I have one person who will go with me / do something new with me, I’ll do it.
  3. Find and utilize a method of reminding myself consistently of how much I enjoy life when I’m on my game.

I’ll let you know how things are going. And if you’re at all interested in establishing some accountability of your own, let me know how I can help. :-).  We’re all in this together, eh?




2 thoughts on “Accountability

    1. You’re working your magic with the Daily Walk Challenge so it’s all good. :-). But if you’re looking to add another item to your to-do list, there’s plenty of time to join The Eight Week Challenge. The Nerd Fitness challenges are pretty loose as well, just get in where you fit in as they say.

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