A New Hope

Hiddy Ho good neighbors. So, it would appear I jumped the gun in one challenge, and am a week behind in another. Story of my life, but I’m going to run with it anyway and jump right into my 2nd official Life/Fitness Challenge.

I’m sticking with the Star Wars theme because, well..


(giggle. this was just too cute not to use)

Here in the blogosphere, I’m following fellow blogger Danielle (aka Queenofblank) at her blog, The Caffeinated Writer in her Eight Week Challenge.


She started last week while I was finishing up my first challenge. She, along with two other bloggers, Sandra Yeaman and Miss Squishy, will be holding me accountable this go round as they too work to reach several milestones during the next eight weeks.

I’m focused on pretty much the same things as I was over the previous four weeks, I’ve just modified how many of any one task I want to accomplish in a day / during the month:

  • Prep & eat 74 out of 84 meals in the month
  • Walk 3 times a day
  • Drink min. 48 ozs of water a day
  • Practice Portuguese for 5 minutes minimum each day
  • Meditate for 15 minutes once minimum each day
  • Complete either a yoga or body weight training session minimum twice a week.

Starting stats (Weight Watchers scale again) 6/5: 207 lbs, 36.7% body fat.  As I mentioned a post or so ago, I’m not all that concerned with the pounds, but I will be thrilled to get that body fat percentage down. Hopefully bringing the amount of junk I’m carrying in the trunk back down to what I consider sexy.

images (1)

So, there you have ‘er. Not sure when the next Nerd Fitness challenge begins. If they overlap, so be it. I plan on doing these challenges back to back for the remainder of the year, if not for the next twelve months as I count down to my 50th birthday.

Hope your week is off to a good start.

images (2)

(another one I found too cute not to use, giggle)



5 thoughts on “A New Hope

  1. Hi, Dana! I’m delighted to see you have taken up an eight-week challenge for yourself. I’m following you now so I won’t miss any updates. And I welcome you as another interested party to keep me accountable to my own goals.

  2. although some things got changed around in my usual daily routine while in Washington – I did stick to meditating once a day & it makes a difference

    1. I’m finding it very helpful in taking care of my being able to sleep through the night. My sleep tends to have fewer, lasting interruptions. It’s a struggle for me to stick to it though but hopefully with each challenge, I’ll push it closer to becoming a habit. 🙂

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