Sweat. WTF

In my youth, the only time I remember sweating in any way, shape or form, was when I was outside, playing with wild abandon, in temperatures that were in the high seventies and above (that’s Fahrenheit).  As I got a little older, I’d feel a little moist if I were outside or in a car, when the temperatures were in the high seventies and above.

Then, in the time leading up to and since my hysterectomy (late 20’s), night sweats entered my life. A short time after my uterus went bye-bye, hot flashes joined the mix.  Both of these occurrences would leave me drenched and in situations where a change of clothes or the complete disrobing and a towel were needed.

In the last five years or so, I now sweat enough to soak through my clothes when:

  1. I’m outside and the temperature is mid 70’s and above
  2. I’m in a car and the temperature is mid 70’s and above
  3. I get out of the shower
  4. I move around inside without AC and the temperature outside is mid 70’s and above
  5. I eat too much beef (yes, meat sweats are real)
  6. I sleep inside and the temperature outside is mid 70’s and above (AC on or off, doesn’t matter).
  7. I feel the slightest bit of nervousness

And when I say sweat, I mean I’m running with moisture. As you know, I wear wigs. It isn’t anything these days for any rise in my body temperature to leave me wiping drops of sweat from the hair at the edges of my wigs. I’ve been in several situations where the sweat stains under my breasts are embarrassingly obvious. Or even worse, where I’ve discovered I’ve spent the day walking around with sweat stains under my butt cheeks in my jeans…UGH! It is NOT pretty.

All of this to ask, what gives? Is it a function of aging? Is it the weight I’ve gained? Am I going to decimate the planet’s water supply with the amount of showers and laundry loads I have to do as I attempt to remain fresh and odor free throughout the day?  As it stands, I change clothes and either shower or do a quick rinse up to three times a day from May through to October. I carry around travel size body powder and dust myself frequently, but with all of the reports on how those powders cause cancer, I’m now sweating with worry too.


On the bright side, it’s my birthday month. Looking forward to working up a sweat as I celebrate entering my 49th rotation around the sun. Despite the water works, I am grateful to be celebrating my life so far and looking forward to however many more days I get to be alive.

12 thoughts on “Sweat. WTF

  1. I’m only aware of two songs that mention a squirrel…. one of them is the jam you led off this post with, and the other belongs to Oran “Juice” Jones. That has nothing to do with sweating, of course, but you know where my mind always is!

    1. I’m telling you, this getting older deal has its definite challenges. lol.

      Another blogger-friend mentioned the need for a metabolism boosting boster-shot that older folks could get to help with the weight gain that seems to come with each birthday past the 40th. I’d sign up for that along with a sweat-reducer at the first sign of availability. 😉

  2. I don’t know that it will truly STOP the sweating, but if you’re worried about the possible carcinogenic effects of baby powers & regular deodorant, check out this awesome (& super easy) recipe for homemade deodorant that I can attest truly WORKS. It’s the only kind I wear now & it keeps me from stinking even when I’m working busy 13-hr shifts in which I definitely sweat a good bit or when I’m working up a good sweat at the gym. My favorite oils to use are bergamot & cedarwood. One serving will easily last for MONTHS also. http://draxe.com/homemade-deodorant/

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