Tale of Two Scales

So, the Weight Watcher’s scale which is the one I’ve been using for about a year and some change reports my weight and body fat as:

WW Scale5/1 – 208.1 lbs, 38.3% body fat

5/8 – 207 lbs., 36.8% body fat

5/15 – 207 lbs., 38% body fat

5/22 – 205.3 lbs., 37.4% body fat

5/30 – 213 lbs., 38.3% body fat


My sort of expensive, supposed to be the bomb-diggity FitBit Aria scale that I’ve used twice now (because it has to be wi-fi’d, I have it set up at my weekend retreat) says:


5/8 – 205 lbs., 45.3% body fat

5/29 – 209.2 lbs., 41.3% body fat


Now, as far as my weight on the scale goes, I’m not all that concerned with it because muscle weighs more than fat so if I’m exercising and adding even a hint of muscle, then my overall weight will increase. I got that (learned that when I was studying to be a personal trainer all those millions of years ago). It’s the body fat I need to see a change in. I want that number dropping like the elevator in that scene from the movie Earthquake. Without the blood of course.

And what gives? It seems no matter how I eat or how much I walk, my body composition is “stuck on stupid”.

Since I didn’t sign up with the personal trainer , I’ve decided to go with a less expensive option – I’ll be taking a couple of fitness classes at the little studio up the street. One class is all about the dance (aerobics) and another that’s designed to give me the flexibility (yoga) and tone I’ve been longing for.

I’m incorporating the classes into my next fitness challenge. I promise you, if by the end of the second challenge I haven’t made the numbers on both those scales come down, I don’t know what I’ll do.


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