I’ve never done this before, come up with a soundtrack to one of my novels but for some reason as I put the finishing touches on The Other Woman, all these songs are popping into my head.  I’m using them as chapter headings :-).

When the manuscript is formatted and ready for beta, I’m going to recommend that the reader hop on over to YouTube and play the songs before they read the chapter. Wonder if I can incorporate the links to the songs in the e-version without violating copyrights?

Once I get the song list together, I’ll post ’em here so you can “listen” to the audio representations of the story line. Gotta get the cover photo shot soon as well. I’ll post it too, see what you guys think.

I love writing.




7 thoughts on “Soundtrack

  1. I’ve got a couple of songs in mind for the “trailer” I’m writing for my next novel. I love doing this stuff.

      1. You’re digging into the story and feeling it like it was a movie. I love it when I feel that connection.

  2. I’ve been outlining a novel, and one of the things the person who wrote the book I am following suggests doing is actually coming up with a soundtrack like this, and keeping it in mind while writing.

    It would be amazing to be able to listen to the songs as you read the book. Or at least be able to link easily to them, so that you can do so if you want.

    1. This is a first for me, and I’ll definitely have to do some research on being able to incorporate the links in the e-copy. I think that would be a cool experience for a reader to have the songs playing in the background as they read each chapter.

  3. I need to pick your brain! I am trying to figure out how to do something akin. I have a project that I am revising now with original songs wanting to make a sound track. I have no idea how to, just an idea to do it.

    1. You’ve got my email address still, right? Send your questions and I’ll happily answer them. Keep in mind, this is the first time I’ve come up with one so… 🙂

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