Thank You!

It’s been a while but I’ve gotten another one of those nice Blogger awards :-).  This one is from a new blogger I found through another new blogger I found from an established blogger who shared some sites he really liked. Funny how that works.

Anyway, a big shout out and a hearty  THANK YOU to A Joyful Process for (and you knew I’d really like this award by virtue of its name alone)…

Dragon's Loyalty Award

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

 As it is with all of these there are rules to follow to showcase your acceptance of the award; they are as follows:

  1. Display the award on your blog. —Done
  2. Announce your win with a post and link back to the nominator. —Done
  3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award. —See below 🙂
  4. Link your awardees in the post. —Ditto
  5. Write 7 interesting things about you. —Ditto, yet again.

Bloggers I’d like to pass this award to are:

  1. Evil Squirrel’s Nest
  2. Author Megan Morales
  3. Round About Forty
  4. Obzervashunal
  5. Romance Novels for the Beach
  6. Travels with Choppy

7 Interesting Things About Me

Well, honestly, not so sure anyone else will find these interesting, but I’ll share them anyway.  *ahem* Here goes.

  1. I’m mostly bald.  I used to compare my hairline to that of a Shaolin Monk.  Think Chow Yun Fat in Crouching Tiger  Hidden Dragon. 7601708_orig Just not that neatly lined if you know what I mean. I’ve got sprigs and sprouts of hair in the front so it’s more like the most extreme mullet on the planet.  I keep “promising” to shave it all off come my 50th birthday (next year) but…
    …Fear. I’ve had some issues with being teased in the past. I’m a little sensitive and way hesitant to take the plunge so to speak. (image copied from


2. I’m learning Portuguese.  Why Portuguese? Well, because no one else I know has ever tried to learn it. It’s always been French, Spanish, or German. So of course, I want to be the odd duck and pick up a language that no one else in my circles knows. giphy (1)

3. I love clothing styles from the late 1800’s (Victorian….well, Steampunk specifically, lol),

copied from

40’s (Hollywood screen queens) and early 50’s (pinup, burlesque, & what we now call rock-a-billy).  Yes, the women’s clothing tended to be restrictive but you cannot deny the sex appeal in a well fitting corset, or a tailored dress / suit.  I would love to be able to carry off modern takes on all those looks every day for the rest of my life. sigh. Unfortunately for me, I need massive amounts of money to afford the wardrobe so I stick to a few choice pieces worn to dance parties or costume / theme events.



4. I’ve had some unusual experiences with animals in my childhood –  This one time at summer camp…(NO, nothing like that)…I got stepped on by a bear. Then the next year at this same camp I unknowingly petted a live, wild rattle snake. Mom stopped letting me go to summer camp after the rattle snake incident. I’ve been bitten by a squirrel I “talked” out of a tree (almost had to have rabies shots because my sister over reacted); and got a rash from a wild hedgehog I “adopted” in the woods behind the school I was going to.

5. I’m an empath.  Like Gem in Star Trek (yes, I’m that old)…


Just without the magical healing powers. I’m the type of person who is highly sensitive to the emotions / feelings of others. So much so that I can’t watch or read the news – the reports of all the suffering leave me struggling to function. For real. Listening to rap lyrics, politicians, most commentators on Fox News….excessive cursing….all of that cripples my ability to go about my day. I tend to stay on the outside edges of crowds so that if the mood of the crowd changes I can leave before things get out of hand.  I’m at my best around people who are grounded, in touch with their place in the scheme of things and who, while they may have strong opinions, aren’t interested in forcing those opinions on others and are open to another point of view.

6. I wrote, produced, directed, and stared in my first play when I was 12. Another summer camp experience – I was attending a performing arts camp under the wonderful direction of Jo Bunton Keel.  I adapted a short story I’d written previously into a play that we performed at the camp’s closing celebration. Got a standing ovation. Jo and that magical time at the camp sparked my love of writing, acting, and dancing. I wish I’d had the confidence to pursue all three and hate that I’ve waited so long to get back to writing, but here we are. I hope to do her proud.

7. I fell out of an airplane once.  No worries, I had a professional sky diver and a parachute attached to my back at the time.

So there you have it. Thank you again, Mr. Wayne at A Joyful Process.

Hope you all enjoyed my “acceptance” speech and have made your way to the blogs linked above. You won’t be disappointed.



9 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. I love your answers! As for petting a rattlesnake…well, it’s probably a good thing that was the last trip to that particular summer camp.

    And thank you for the nomination! I am still working on getting caught up, so hopefully I will have time to get to it.

    1. Definitely no obligation on accepting :-). I was more interested in sharing your wonderful blog, so hopefully you’ll get a new reader or two.

      And about going to camp, the animal encounters proved to be the highlights of each trip, lol. I think until the rattle snake incident, mom sent me specifically to see what crazy thing would happen to me as each summer for four years, there was always something. One year it was a mouse running across my forehead, another it was a supernatural event on a lake in a row boat, and still another involved a near miss with a skunk. I’m telling you, I had the best “what I did over the summer” stories at school for years. 🙂 lol

      1. Close encounters of the skunk kind…not having kids of my own, I sometimes wonder how many things parents let their kids do just to see how it turns out/for their own amusement. As I have gotten older, I have begun to think it’s a lot more than I suspected as a child.

      2. You and me both. There were times with my own offspring where I’d sit back and watch, just to see what would happen. Never put her in harms way on purpose, but on one or two occasions, I didn’t step in when I could have. Fortunately, there weren’t any life threatening repercussions.

  2. Thanks for accepting! Those are some interesting facts…as far as the rattlesnake incident, I’d have probably ran into something in my haste to get away from it! Thanks also for putting some new blogs on my radar, glad you somehow found mine!

    1. Here’s the thing with the snake, I was a major tom-boy and had no fear of snakes. So we’re walking on this path and all the other girls start screaming. The snake slithered off into the rocks along the shore of the lake. I moved the rocks, took a stick and brought the snake out to show them how silly they were being. I touched it’s head, gave a short lesson on snake behavior, then put it back and called it a day. I get home, proudly sharing the story with my mom and sister. My sister, who was the resident expert asked me to describe the snake, “It was brown, and yellow, and had diamonds on its back.” Dinner comes to a halt, my sister quietly informs me of the highly poisonous nature of the North American Diamond Back Rattlesnake. “But this one didn’t have any rattles.” I am then informed that the babies don’t have rattles but can be just as poisonous. Color me surprised. lol.

      I’m glad to have found your blog too. I’m hoping you can give me the name and group of a particular song that has haunted me since the 80’s – you seem to be the resident expert in that area so be on the look out for my comment soon.

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