Name that Tune

Alright. This post is directed to two folks I follow here on WordPress – Tracy, author of  A Joyful Process and Bill, artist / photographer / author of Evil Squirrels Nest.

Hey – so, both of you guys seem to be VERY knowledgeable about music, specifically from the 80’s. An era while questionable in its fashion sense, was, so far, my all time favorite era when it came to music.

What I have written below are the lyrics I remember to two songs I love but can not find the titles, nor the group / individual(s) who sang either one. I’ve searched a dozen or so lyric databases, asked friends and family but to no avail. I turn to you guys, Bill…Tracy (hey wait, isn’t “Bill and Tracy” a title of something? A movie or television show?).  Sorry.

I turn to you, Tracy…Bill. Sincerely hoping one or both of you can tell me, FINALLY, what the names of these songs are and who sang them.

Number 1. First verse and chorus…

Listening to the wind, baby / Upon a cold dark night under moonlit skies

Looking at your room, baby / I see two silhouettes on the window shade

I can’t believe it, what I’m hearing / your passionate whispers cry out like a hungry wolf

I can’t believe it, what I’m feeling / when the trees all sway as if to share my pain

I thought that we had love in a world that had gone astray / but as I was standing outside your window

I heard every word  / and it cuts just like a knife

With every word you said / I cried

All female vocals with a single lead singing. Slow tempo; would have definitely been part of a “Quiet Storm” play list.

Number 2.

Its like fire and rain / your lips are flame

Hot and wet / you make me sweat

Every time your lips touch mine / I get a warm sensation

That no one but you can help me find

When you kiss me / nothing feels as good as this

When you kiss me / boy you know I can’t resist

when you kiss me / you know it’s what I’m waiting for

When you kiss me, baby.

I thought at first this one was by Skyy but Google tells me otherwise.  It’s another “Quiet Storm” selection with all female vocals, female lead.

Seriously, I’m just about at my wits end; I’ve been searching for these titles and such for a LONG time now.


:-).  If anyone else cares to weigh in, feel free. I REALLY want to finally find out so I can find and download them for good. As it stands, they’re long forgotten on the dusty reels of my cassette tape collection that is currently tucked away in boxes in my garage. I have no means to digitize them at this point so you’d be doing me a big favor by supplying me with the pertinent information which would allow me to conduct a search, finally.

Come to think of it, I’ve got a TON of great music from the 80s on those cassettes. Wonder how much money it would cost to get ’em converted? Wonder if there’s even anyone around who could / would do it? Wonder if they’d do VHS to digital too? I’ve got some classics that I doubt I’ll find on DVD anywhere. Stephen King movies mostly – short films that weren’t released in theaters but instead when direct to VHS. *sigh*

Love ya,


11 thoughts on “Name that Tune

  1. We actually have a long running lyrics game like this on a message board I’ve been a part of for 16 years… II host it quite often, but when I play I always do terrible because unless it’s part of the hook or a line that stands out, I tend to be oblivious to the words of even popular songs.

    That said, I was successfully able to find Song #2 for you…. it’s Klymaxx’s “When You Kiss Me”

    I have a Klymaxx song on my long list of songs to eventually feature on Mondays, but this one I have never heard before. According to the chart reference site I use for my posts (, it didn’t make any of the Billboard charts.

    Song #1 isn’t coming up at all, and I’ve tried searching using several different parts of the lyrics, so it must really be under the radar!

    1. YAY!!! and wow that I didn’t recognize Klymaxx’s sound. But then again, all that ever got played for me to hear was “Meeting in the Ladies Room”, “I Miss You”, and that other big hit that sounded so much like “Meeting in the Ladies Room” I can never remember the title, lol. Anyway, thank you so much. Whew.

      1. Ha! The first thing I thought of when I looked up their list of hits and saw that “Ladies Room” only reached #59 was, “That’s the song everyone seems to remember them for, and it wasn’t close to their biggest hit!” It’s funny how original chart success doesn’t necessarily equate to how well songs are remembered (Which, of course, is a recurring theme of my lost song posts!)

      2. That other big hit might be “The Men All Pause.” Unfortunately, I haven’t turned up anything on song #1 yet. Still looking though.

  2. Somehow I missed this post. I’m supposed to be a follower of yours, but your posts never come up! Now I’ve signed up to get them in my email, so hopefully this will be better.

    I will definitely look for song #1 when I get a chance. A musical treasure hunt is on!

      1. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find song #1. I’ve looked everywhere and asked people I know who know music. Nothing.

      2. God Bless America! We’ve got a major mystery on our hands. Hmmm. Wish I had a major following on Youtube. I could upload it and ask the world to identify it.

      3. I don’t know if it would find it, but if you have audio, you could try Shazam or Sound hound to maybe identify it. That is, if you haven’t already done that.

      4. Yup, tried it. No results found. I would hate to think Ive managed to have someones demo all these years. Come to think of it, the guy who gave me the cassette WAS part of a singing group, but I didnt think they were in a position to produce something of that quality. Hmmmm. The plot thickens.

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