Thoughts on my morning walk.

Anything learned can be un-learned or replaced.

What do you gain or lose by changing the way you THINK about something?  What does it hurt for you to stop seeing through hate, selfishness; the things your mother or father did or didn’t do to you / for you / with you / because of you / in spite of you? To see past the abuse, the privilege, the poverty, the wealth?

You grew up speaking a language, a dialect. You can learn to speak others. It just takes time, effort, energy.

We learn behaviors, beliefs, values, ideas. Anything learned, can be un-learned or replaced. We aren’t born hating, we learn that. And no, not all of anything is ever the truth. Well, unless you consider that all humans need clean air, fresh water, healthy (dare I say natural) food in order to survive. ALL HUMANS.

Sigh. Seriously, what stops us from all getting along?

Thank you Goddess, God, Allah, Buddha, the Ancestors, et al for this day even though I don’t understand.


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