Potential Title


Working hard to hit the finish line and claim my badge today. Don’t see any reason to drag it out until the end of the week. Besides, I have a few hours of “don’t have to do anything” today so might as well knock this out and have the rest of the week to veg.

Anyway, typed a line in the draft and unleashed a potential new title.

Current Title: The Other Woman

Potential New Title: Happily Ever After (Not)

Cover art
don’t remember where I copied this from

Second Potential New Title (just hit me while I was typing the last one): Becoming Mrs. Right

Synopsis (I’m so bad at these) – There’s a woman who knowingly enters into an affair with a married dude because, self-delusion. Then in an attempt to recover from that, she jumps into another relationship because, desperation (ingrained societal pressure that she ‘should’ be married by now). There’s some more drama in there of course, then “The End.”

Just not sure which title sums it all up the best AND serves as “buy bait” for potential readers.

ACK! Anything to distract me from the writing, huh?

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