What did you expect me to do?

Here’s the situation:

Yesterday, I got five texts and two phone calls from people (one of which was an ex-boyfriend who well, let’s just say had no business getting in touch) asking me, “Are you alright?”  It would appear that they all expected me to be DISTRAUGHT at the passing of a celebrity of which I was a fan.  When I inquired as to why they expected ME (anyone who knows me knows I’m a lot of things, but obsessive isn’t one of them, nor am I easily moved to emotional outbursts of any kind) to be anything that required such level of concern, they could only say, “well, I know you really like him.”

I didn’t KNOW him.  I really like his music but beyond that…?  One person who sent the text – I don’t remember EVER talking to him about this artist but maybe one time over ten, fifteen years ago.  I penned the ONE post in January 2015 – none of these guys know I have a blog, let alone would have read it; I had no idea he was even in town last week let alone would have been willing to pay the price I heard the tickets were selling for – in the hundreds for balcony seats, by the way. Don’t  know if that’s true or not, but either way, hundreds? Yeah…not unless we’re having an intimate dinner together afterwards. Is that the action of someone who is such a fan that they would be broke down over his death? But I digress.

These people (all men, I wonder if that’s significant)  seemed to believe my enthusiasm was going to translate in my breakdown upon hearing of his death and quite frankly, I’m still in somewhat of a shock as to why.  One even went so far as to say, “I was afraid to tell you…”  I didn’t get this much attention when I broke my ankle or when either of my aunts passed.

I’ve been pouring over my memories, trying to identify which enthusiastic response to the music and the musician that may have lead them to the conclusion I needed their well intention-ed (?) show of support, and frankly, I’m coming up blank.

Here’s to a peaceful weekend. I think we all need a little down time, eh?




5 thoughts on “What did you expect me to do?

  1. Down time is coming. Go out, enjoy, fight some zombies: they’re right down the road from you. 🙂

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