So, I’m typing away at my Camp NaNo project right? Just going along as I usually do, mostly with my eyes closed listening (transcribing) as my characters deal with whatever situation they have me writing about at the time and then this happens,

“And could it be you’ve felt guilty about leaving me all those years ago and this affair is your way of trying to make up for that too?” No sooner than she said it than she felt the truth of it resonate within her. “That’s what this has been about the entire time. You knew I loved you back then, you knew, but,” and this was the hard part, but it had to be said, “you didn’t feel the same way. That’s why it was so easy for you to leave and not talk to me, not try to keep in touch.” Tonya felt weak, as if her body had suddenly gained a hundred pounds. Her legs weren’t up to the sudden increase in weight, she plopped into the chair, lucky it had been so close behind her. Keith didn’t say a word.


I’m as shocked as Tonya.  All this time I’ve been writing up to this point and I didn’t see that coming. I just knew Keith was going to get his crap together to bring the happy ending but uh, apparently I was mistaken.

Man I love writing :-).  Okay, have to get back to the manuscript. Can’t wait to see what happens next. lol.

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