Think I’m Done “Fundraising”

It’s down to the last four days of the 2 Legit So We Can Quit (our day jobs) Booster campaign. We’re one shirt from half-way to our sale’s goal of 50 shirts.

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Now, I’m by no means “throwing in the towel”. It’s quite possible that we’ll hit critical mass and something will spark sales to skyrocket us toward our goal.  Stranger things have happened in my life for sure, so I’m not ruling it out as a possibility.

I am however sure that now, after having done two different types of fund raisers (a Booster and a Go Fund Me),  that much like being able to host a successful party, fund raising is not my forte.  There are people in this world that have the personality, the knack, the “wow” that draws people to them and their cause. I’m not one of them. 🙂

Experience, the having tried a couple of things outside my comfort zone…the lessons I learned…all of that goes into my data base to be used in my fiction, so it’s rare if at all that anything in my world is ever considered a fail. Well, except for that one time and I’m blaming that on the Everclear shots I was cutting with Jack Daniels. ‘Nuff said ;-).

To everyone who bought a shirt / donated to the causes / shared the link on social media and via email,

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For those of you who didn’t earn one of the incentives during the Booster campaign, remember, there’s a drawing at the end – the winner will receive a piece of Little Brown Skin Girl art, framed and ready to hang!

Now, time to get back to doing what I do best.  I’ve got a Camp NaNo badge to win and books to publish :-).




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